Alivia Gets Glasses

If some of you have noticed, Alivia just recently got glasses.

We had no idea she was struggling with her vision. The school had a screening, and we got a note home saying she had astigmatism. She had never mentioned anything about not being able to see well. I got her into the eye doctor just to double check. I guess when a kid sees a certain way for their whole life, they don’t have anything to compare it to; hence not knowing she was seeing things unclearly. So when she struggled through the exam and the doctor said she had a significant prescription, I was pretty shocked. Luckily she was excited about wearing glasses. (we’ll see how she feels about that after a few years)

I had come across Jonas Paul Eyewear shortly before we found out she needed glasses. A line of stylish kid’s glasses is such a genius idea, don’t you think?  I wanted something classic for her, and I really fell in love with all the styles they had.

After ordering the free try-on kit, we received it within just a few days and couldn’t open the package fast enough to try them all on.

They all looked so cute on her, but we both fell in love with the “Maddie” style. They fit her dainty face so well, and the subtle tortoise pattern is so stylish without being busy and distracting.

Once you choose your favorite style, you go online and send in a photo of your prescription and make your selection on style and color. They’re super affordable as well!

Love that my girl feels cute and confident in her glasses. Couldn’t recommend Jonas Paul Eyewear anymore! I mean just look at this beautiful little lady!




I was offered a discount in exchange for a post and photos of our experience with Jonas Paul Eyewear.



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