Alivia’s First Day of Kindergarten


I can’t believe I have a kindergartener. It doesn’t quite seem like I’m old enough to have “school-aged” kids. I mean, yesterday I brought my first baby home from the hospital right? Sure feels like it!

For awhile, Alivia wasn’t quite sure how she felt about going to school. The day I went into labor with Maverick, my friend had taken the older kids with her and went to her daughter’s kindergarten class. My friend texted me later that day and said that Alivia said she was definitely ready for Kindergarten now. So she had been looking forward to school starting, especially when she found out she didn’t have to get any shots to start 😉

I wasn’t too worried that she was going to one of “those kids”. You know the ones that cry and scream and cling to your leg, and you have to talk them off the ledge and act like you, yourself, are not totally weeping on the inside, devastated that your BABY is no longer in your care all day long!? (Don’t worry, I only let a few tiny tears puddle in the corners of my eyes as I hugged her goodbye.)

But nonetheless, I don’t think I was prepared for her to be SO independent and confident. She walked right in, sat down, waved goodbye, and when she got home and I asked her if she missed me, she said, “Well, I kind of forgot about you”…. thanks Liv. Not like I was sitting at home all day, watching the clock, looking at your baby pictures, wondering what you were doing, and when I could go back and pick you up. Nope, definitely wasn’t doing that.

I love that she loves school. Every night when we pick out her uniform for the next day, and I tuck her into bed, she says, “I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow!”

To watch her First Day of School Video, and trust me, you do.

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