Kids’ Room Refresh – Boy/Girl Shared Room

It’s Done! Our boy/girl shared room update.

This room as been a long time coming. For some reason, I had the hardest time decorating a space for Alivia and Kingston to share. I would go back and forth with feeling bad that I was making the room too neutral, so I would add “fun” and “colorful” elements, but then it ended up feeling so not like me. Granted, I know it’s not MY room, but every time  I walked in there I would cringe. It just never felt right to me. And then there was the aspect that they were sharing a queen size bed, and sleeping right next to each other was not working out super well. So overall we all needed a change!

We knew we wanted bunk beds for sure. We grabbed the MYDAL from IKEA, and also had the opportunity to work with Allswell Home for the mattresses. I am so impressed with the quality and comfortability of these mattresses. Who knew that something so big could get vacuum sealed in a box and show up at your door, and STILL be so soft!! Both of my kids sleep like babies on them, and I’ve often thought about a sneaking a nap or two on them.

I wanted neutral bedding, and white always opens up a space so much!! We got all of the bedding: comforters, sheets, the green pillow cases, and striped throw blankets all from IKEA. You could say I made the most of my trip there.

I really didn’t want to go overboard with decor. Just got a few things to accent, but also keep it clutter free. The shelves are of course from IKEA, and I just used some things I already had laying around the house to decorate it.

Letterboard, Wooden Peg Puzzle (similar), Books,

use code KateLaraine for 10% off at Little Sapling Toys

I had purchased the baskets from Homegoods for their room a few months ago. They’re perfect for hiding all of their trillion stuffed animals and beanie boos.

Another amazing IKEA purchase is this cabinet. It houses all of their toys. Don’t open it up or they might fall out on you. I try to keep it somewhat organized with bins and baskets inside, but Maverick usually goes in and wreaks havoc in there so I’ve kind of given up trying, haha.

The rug is one of my favorite features of the room. This one is from Lorena Canals and I can’t even tell you the sigh of relief I took when I pulled it out of the packaging and put it in here. Going from one that was way too big and colorful, this beauty totally completed the look in here. Not to mention IT’S WASHABLE! Like, you can put the entire thing in the washer!!! What mom DOESN’T need that option??!

The dressers are from, you guessed it, IKEA. I used the color Sable Calm by Valspar to add a little pop to the room, without being too much color. I love how it’s neutral without being neutral.

Little Sapling Toys sent over the amazing wooden toy box, which for now is home to all their cozy blankets. It’s such amazing quality. Having a woodworking husband, anything that is wooden and gets sent to my house, gets an inspection, and this one had his seal of approval. So if you’ve had your eye on it, go for it, and use code KateLaraine to get 10% off!

Decor for a kids’ room can be tough, especially if you’re a big lover of neutrals and simplistic decor. When I came across these maps from Mapiful, I knew they were exactly what I needed. They each get to have a map of the place they were born, and because I appreciate versatility, they were both places that we lived, so I can always move them to another part of the house, when we move, or if they decide to not share a room at our next house.

I had been asking on my Instagram about bow storage solutions. I had all of Alivia’s bows in a circular rope type basket, and I just didn’t like how it looked, and I really didn’t want to display the bows, especially since I’m trying to keep the room neutral, as she shares with her brother. I found this cute box at Homegoods, and it’s the perfect size to hold them, and also keep them hidden.

Overall, I feel so relieved that the room is done. It feels so much more like a part of our home, and gives the kids so much more space to play and for Alivia to do her 58 cartwheels a day, plus I love that this room will be so easy to transition Maverick into, when we move next year, as that’s the future goal.

Let me know if I missed anything, or if you need further details on any items. I think I linked everything correctly, fingers crossed!!

Hope you enjoyed this neutral kids’ room refresh. It can be so hard to put together a boy/girl shared room, so I hope I gave some good ideas for anyone looking to do something similar!



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