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Super excited to share with you guys a new “thing” my husband and I have been doing.

As most parents with little ones know, it’s not always easy to get out and spend time together just the two of you. You find yourself walking through life side by side, not getting the chance to reconnect with your spouse, and slowly but surely, that becomes your normal. I have found that it has been especially difficult, being in the military. Many times we spend days, weeks, months, apart and when he gets home, we are so focused on giving the kids the attention that they’ve been lacking, but don’t take the time to give our romantic relationship enough attention.

When I was in high school, my girlfriend and I would play card games for hours. We even made up our own game that was our own version of rummy. I have some of my best memories sitting on the floor in her living room eating snacks and laughing for hours while playing cards. And when Eric and I were first married we used to play board games together. It was mainly Scrabble, but then one time we went to Starbucks to play and he literally CRUSHED me, and as I sat there, tears pouring down my face into my Raspberry White Mocha, I’m pretty sure he decided to never play with me again. Those tears were justified though. He was ruthless!!!

NEVERTHELESS, I have always loved games. So recently I came up with this idea to start having “date night in” once a week, where we would play cards and make cocktails, after we put the kids to bed. We turn on our favorite Pandora station laugh our heads off, and not just because we’ve had one too many. It’s been so great for our relationship, and I love having that one day to look forward to all week.

I’ve always kinda wanted to be a mixologist, so playing with different recipes has been super fun. I definitely want to bless you one of the BEST cocktails I’ve probably ever had in my life…the Blackberry Basil Moscow Mule. At first we read the recipe and thought, basil? Really? YES, REALLY! It is phenomenal and I urge everyone to try it sometime.

For some crazy reason this drink hits PRETTY hard, pretty quickly, so definitely make sure you drink responsibly. I’m going to post the recipe below!

If you’re loving the sounds of this and are interested in starting your own Cards & Cocktails night, here’s a few card 2 player card games that we are loving or plan to play in the future..

– Egyptian Ratscrew





-Crazy Eights

Maybe even throw in a round of strip poker if you’re feeling extra frisky and fun (or if the cocktails are flowing freely). 😉

One of the best parts about staying at home is not having to be rushed to be home at a specific time to relieve a babysitter, but if you’re anything like us night owls, you have to watch the clock and make sure we don’t get too carried away, lest we regret it when our 4 month old starts crying in the middle of the night. That’s why we keep track of the time with this gorgeous wooden watch by Jord (pronounced yode).

And we’re partnering with them to offer one lucky winner $100 off the purchase of any watch.

To enter click here!

And the best part is each entry will give you a $25 off coupon.

The quality of these watches in unmatched, and as the wife of a man that practically talks about wood in his sleep, you can believe me when I say that.

Whether you play cards or scrabble or pick out a new movie to watch together, I hope this post inspires you to make an effort to try and reconnect with your significant other more. And if not maybe it will inspire you to make delicious beverages and buy fancy watches . All  great options 😉

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