The Dockatot – A Must Have Item For Baby

One of the questions I see every first time mom ask to all the veteran mamas out there is, “what are the MUST HAVE items for baby?”

It’s SO easy to get completely overwhelmed with all the gizmos and gadgets and cute little baby things, and really hard to know what is a want and a need.

One of my very favorite things we had for Maverick and will again be using for baby Scarlett is the Dockatot.

It is so useful, especially for moms with multiples that need to get a few extra “hands” to hold baby comfortably, so you can keep your household running smoothly.

I plan to use it for awake time especially, with a cute little play gym, like this one from clover and birch. I can put her in it while I’m cooking dinner for the rest of the family, playing with Maverick, or just to run to the bathroom. It’s great that I don’t have to worry about having a clean, safe space to lay her down, because the Dockatot will keep her nice and cozy until she’s in my arms again.

My main reason for loving the Dockatot so much is how easy it is to take with you anywhere!

Because of the military, we don’t live near any family, and end up traveling a few times a year to visit friends and family. We took Maverick’s with us when we went to visit my aunt in Florida when he was a baby, and it was SO nice.

If all goes well with an earlier delivery, we will be traveling to NY for the holidays to visit family. I love knowing we don’t have to lug a huge pack ‘n’ play with us. Just pop it in the carrying case and it fits easily in any vehicle. The Dockatot is the perfect little “travel bed”, and the fact that it will smell and feel like “home” no matter where we are, brings a sense of comfort to both her and I.

I love that the size can be used up to 8 months, giving us plenty of time to get great use out of it, and when she grows out of it, thee “grand” goes up to 36 months! Also, it’s kinda pretty in the pristine white, isn’t it??Can’t wait to get our girl here and use it for her!

I’d love to hear about your other “must-haves” for baby!

I received product compliments of Dockatot



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