Excited to share some of my favorite images from our honey bee cake smash session with Maverick.

Cake by: The Topiary Cake Design

Honeycomb: Capital Bee Company

Honeycomb Backdrop:  Three Tree Co aka The husband

Location : Airbnb – 123 W Waldburg St.

As a general idea, I don’t like “themes” and “props” for parties or cake smashes. I’m a pretty simple person, and I think if you put too many props it distracts from the main attraction, aka the kid. I knew I wanted something simple, but to still make a statement. So I chose the backdrop to be that statement piece, then a simple cake with a slight pop of color and texture.

If you’re wondering why the bee/honey theme, the reason is because when I was pregnant and we were asking the kids what we should name the baby, Kingston said “baby Buzz”. So the bee thing was just kind of a tribute to how we called him baby Buzz until he was Maverick. 🙂

Maverick is obviously his mother’s son. Love me some cake.

Up until the day before, Maverick was going to wear denim shorts for these pictures. But when I opened up a packaged from Little Adi Co and saw these amazing goldenrod harem shorts, I about died. I mean, could they be any more perfect for these pictures?! I think not.

Let’s stop for a second and talk about this epic backdrop that Eric whipped together 2 days before this shoot. I mean, honestly. Essentially, I showed him a picture of something I saw on Pinterest and said, “I want that”, and he just whipped this bad boy up with his magic gipetto hands, and voila my dreams came true.

Could he be any sweeter?

The foot grab *all the heart eyes*

Finally goes for it!

ANDDDDD then we’re done.

And I would just like to say, for the record, that I cut this blog post down to 27 photos from 52, which is a big deal for me. I’ll probably post all of them in an album on Facebook, if the 27 aren’t enough for you 😉

What’s your take on this cake smash? Do you like the implied theme without the props or do you think I missed the mark and went too simple? I’m all about feedback!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and Spring Break and Easter! Hopefully gonna find a few fun things to do with the kids while they’re off school, and I’m praying for a little bit warmer temps so we can get outside as much as possible!







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  • RenaiMay 8, 2018 - 3:30 am

    This is beyond beautiful !! Such a great job, not too simple at all. I love unthemed cake smashes too!ReplyCancel

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