Kingston goes to Pre-K

I can’t believe my little Kingston boy is in school now!

When we first moved to Savannah, I had heard that the pre-k was all day, every day, and really just thought Kingston wasn’t ready for that. In my mind, he’s still this tiny little person that walked super late, didn’t potty train until he was 3, couldn’t recognize letters even seconds after we practiced them, and was just a little slower to catch on to things than my daughter, so I decided we would keep him home and work on things with him to get him ready for Kindergarten,

The day we took Livi to her first day of school, Kingston said to me “Mom, when do I get to go to school?”. Then I went home and noticed someone had posted on Facebook that there were some open slots in the pre-k. I asked my husband what he thought; he was all for it, and when Kingston literally followed me around ALL DAY that first day his sister was gone at school, I knew he needed to go to school, lest he be the most bored child of all time and annoy the living heck out of me. Just kidding, I love him…but seriously.

The registration process was an absolute nightmare. If you follow me on Instagram and happened to catch my stories the day I was trying to get him all signed up to go, you will remember how much of a hassle it was for me. I just kept telling myself, this better be worth it. I finally got it all figured out. We got his backpack, and some new clothes for school. We were ready!

The day comes and Kingston is super excited to go! I’m thinking, this is gonna be a BREEZE. I didn’t understand these meltdowns some kids had about going to school, because my kids were just PUMPED about leaving me apparently.

We walk into school, and get him situated. He’s happy. I hug and kiss him goodbye, and walk out the door. Wasn’t prepared at all for the epic meltdown that was about to occur.

Kingston runs out the door at me, screaming and crying, grabs onto my leg, and tells me he doesn’t want to stay, he doesn’t want me to leave, and my heart is officially in a puddle on the floor. My sweet little guy wasn’t ready!!!! I was THIS CLOSE to just saying okay, let’s go home, but I stuck to it, walked him back into the room, and after trying to calm him down and tell him how great it was going to bed, ultimately had to just leave my poor guy there while the teachers blocked the door.

I stayed for a minute and watched through the window. He calmed down and said he wanted to play with dinosaurs. The teacher looked out at me, gave me a thumbs up, and I went home to cry.

The day felt like it was never going to end, and I would never be able to go back and pick him up.

He ended up coming home and telling me how great it was. PHEW. We’ve never had a meltdown since! His teachers are amazed at how advanced he is from the majority of the class, and so far we always get a “It was a great day!” report from his teacher.

So he was ready after all, and putting him into school was a great decision for him.

I’d love to hear your first day of school stories, good or bad! Comment below!!

And for anyone interested, click the link here to see Kingston’s first day of school video. Pre-epic meltdown 😉


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