Maverick’s Nursery

Today I’m FINALLY sharing Maverick’s nursery. Crazy right? It only took me 5 months. I’m so on top of things. 😉

Photo by Mackensey Alexander Photography

Let me start off by saying I have NO experience in interior design, although I wish I had. Add that to my list of things I wanna be when I grow up.

A couple of years ago, I started to notice a consistency with the design I was drawn to. My pins on pinterest started looking consistent, I drooled over the same “looks”, and finally decided what my style was. I have no idea how to define it exactly. It’s kind of a mix of minimalism, mid century modern, and boho. When we found out we were moving, I knew I wanted to start over with our interior decor, in a sense, and since we were pregnant at the time, I figured the nursery was the best place to start.

Now, we do not have a very lavish lifestyle. There are times we splurge on items, but for the most part we’re pretty heavy savers, so this nursery is essentially a “West Elm on an IKEA budget” look, minus a few of the larger furniture pieces.

I fell in love with the babyletto “scoot” crib from Nordstom, which they’re of course now sold out of. Luckily you can find the same one in the  from Target. I didn’t really want to go “matchy matchy” with the furniture, but all of the dressers I found and actually loved, had poor reviews so I ultimately decided to go with the matching “scoot” dresser.

For my other kids, I spent the money on the bedding. I picked out the cutest sets from Pottery Barn Kids and that’s what “made” the room. But I wanted to do more than that this time around. I kept the linens simple and functional. I chose things I didn’t have to fuss over and worry about them getting ruined by puke and poop. Literally just grabbed a soft flannel white sheet from Target, and accessorized with clearance pillows and a scarf (yes, a scarf) from TJMaxx. Obviously he doesn’t sleep with any of those things actually in there, but they look pretty for picture purposes, which is really all that matters right? 😉

The next “big” purchase was the rocker/glider. I remember the one we had bought for Liv, and ultimately used for Kingston as well, was a SUPER comfy, but atrocious blue with white fur trim off of someone on craigslist. I was more than excited to pick out something chic this go around. One thing I tried to keep in mind while shopping was that this chair would not be in his room forever. If we could keep it in good shape, I ultimately wanted to move it into our living room. So when I found the Baxton Studio Rocking Chair I fell in love. I got it from Wayfair, but it is out of stock now, but if you google it, there are a few other retailers that carry it. It is one of my favorite purchases. It’s, surprisingly, very comfortable. We actually carry it downstairs when we have guests, so we have more seating, and almost everyone that sits in it comments on how much they like it. 

I had been eyeing one of those leather morrocan style “poufs” for pretty much ever. I came across this shop on etsy, that carries tons of different styles, and when it was on sale I snatched it up REAL quick. It’s amazing quality. My older kids use it as a stool to peek in at Maverick on the changing table or in his bed, and they love to throw it around too. It’s holding up perfectly. That white lamp was one I had ordered from IKEA for my own office, but I liked how it looked in there. The end table I grabbed from TJMaxx along with the rug.

One of my favorite decor pieces was this amazing faux plant and stand from Homegoods. Let’s get real, there was no way I would be remembering to water any plants up in his nursery, so faux was the way to go. It looks pretty freaking real if you ask me, and I think it just ties the room together.

Fun Fact: When I was pregnant with Maverick and we were asking the kids what we should name him, Kingston settled on “Baby Buzz”. We called him that until we decided on his actual name. So, bees are kind of a sweet sentiment to that. I found the “Bee your very best” canvas wall hanging at H&M, even though I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I decided to make the yarn hanging for above the crib, and thought the canvas looked so cute over top of it.

I found these shelves from Hobby Lobby, and that pretty much tied in with the end table perfectly. Then came the fun part of putting the tiny, cute last minute touches. A Letterfolk Board to write our illiterate newborn sweet messages, OF COURSE. Wooden toys from Target, Yarn and Hood Made, and Wild Creek Co; more fake plants, and sweet baby books.

I still find so much serenity in his room. It brings me joy just to walk in there.

If you have any other questions about his room specifically or even want some tips on decorating or where to shop for certain items, drop a comment below!

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  • HavenJanuary 3, 2018 - 4:41 pm

    I love it! This is a similar look I am going for, for my sons big boy room! I’d love to know how you made the yarn wall hanging. Maybe you could do a blog post about it! 😀ReplyCancel

    • Kate LaraineFebruary 6, 2018 - 12:29 pm

      yes I absolutely should! so easy!!ReplyCancel

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