Oh Christmas Tree

With less than 2 weeks until Christmas I’m reflecting back on past Christmases, and one in particular comes to mind.

I will never forget the year we moved to Alaska. It was a couple weeks before Christmas and our first Christmas away from family,  in our own home. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to find a tree in Alaska?? Not me. There were no trees to be found. There were no Christmas tree farms, nothing left at the stores, no fake ones, and, at this point, I don’t think we knew we could get a permit to cut down our own.  I definitely cried a lot. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I felt like we had absolutely ruined it, along with my kids’ dreams that were now officially destroyed. Ya know, because the world feels like it’s going to end when you move to the coldest city in America, in the dead of winter, which also happens to be 6000 miles away from everyone you know.

Luckily we had met a a few neighbors. I told one about our little fiasco, she said she had a small fake one that they weren’t using, and we were welcome to use it. It was my tiny little Christmas miracle. That tree wasn’t the prettiest or the biggest. I’m sure no one else will remember it, but it was the best tree, because of the kindness that it came with. So, thanks again Dawn.

This year was another first for us. We finally lived in a state that had Christmas tree farms, and I was determined to have that amazing smell fill my home this Christmas season. We headed out to Truitt’s Christmas Tree Farm to snag one, and, like a little girl in middle school, we picked about 5 different ones that we thought were “the one”, before we settled on our dream tree.

Walking through and watching my kids look at each different tree saying “What about this one?” and “I like this one”, brought back fond memories of going with my own family to pick out a tree every year. Having a family to start my own traditions with, is something I often take for granted. Even if they do tend to pout when I try to take a million photos to document it.

I man can you blame me with a family this cute??

Looking forward to making cookies, wrapping presents, and watching Christmas movies with my kiddos while they’re off of school on break. Tis the season for making memories.

What are your family Christmas traditions? What doesn’t feel like the holidays without it??



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