Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

So I realize that Thanksgiving is only a week away, so I’m not giving you very much time to draw inspiration from this post and go out and get what you might need to create this look, but what I love so much about this table is that it’s so simple and easy to put together.

I knew I wanted to create an organic centerpiece. I had been collecting a white pumpkins over the last couple months knowing that I wanted them as the main focal point of my table. Finding a few pumpkins with the green and orange added that little extra bit of texture and pop. You can even find pretty realistic faux white pumpkins at craft stores, and since it’s the end of the season, you may get lucky and get them on clearance. Which is exactly what happened when I got the foliage for the centerpiece. Michaels usually has the best greenery and foliage, so when I walked in and saw this fall foliage for 70% off I knew I scored. I chose to go with the dark burgundy as my base and then use the lighter neutrals to give a bit more dimension. I placed everything on top of a piece of wood my husband had out in the garage, and I just love how it elevated the pumpkins a bit and allowed for a bit more of a draped look with the foliage.

I found the most perfect candlesticks at World Market. I was originally looking for just a matte gold, but when I came across these ones with the matte black base that coordinated so well with my matte black flatware from West Elm, I just about died. I used 2 small, 2 mediums, and one large. I almost always buy things in odd numbers. If you have a smaller table 3 would be fine, (I would suggest 2 small and 1 medium), but my table is pretty big, so I needed a but more to fill in the centerpiece. Pulling in the black really created a bit more of a dramatic look, which is a bit unexpected for a Thanksgiving look, but as you can see it really pulled together nicely and makes a great statement.

The napkins were my next purchase from World Market. I am seriously obsessed with this nutmeg brown color. It’s kind of a burnt golden orange. It’s rich and bright but kind of creamy and cozy and makes me think of pumpkin pie. The pop of color tied in perfectly with my foliage.

I have all white tableware from Pier One that I was originally planning on using, but when I walked into Target and saw the new sets for the Hearth and Hand by Magnolia line, my heart skipped a beat. The black stoneware dinner plate tied in so perfectly with the matte black from the candlesticks and flatware, and the uneven edges really pulled in that organic look I was going for with the centerpiece. The gold trim on the salad plates accents perfectly with the gold tops of the candlesticks and the golden tones in the foliage and napkins. Plus at the price of 5.99 and 3.99 per plate, it was super affordable for a small party, and then to keep for every day use or other occasions.

Funny backstory, I went to Target about an hour after they opened and launched the new Magnolia line. I found the black plates, but they only had 2 of the gold trimmed salad plates. They said they only had 4 in the store, so someone else must’ve bought the other ones, but they could check and see if there were more on the truck. While I was waiting, the plate lady came walking by with them in hand. I jokingly called her out, and said “you’re the lady who took my plates!”. I’m not sure if I scared her or if she really didn’t want them, but she said “oh you can have them, I was putting them back anyway!” Score for me!

For the longest time I couldn’t decide what glasses I wanted to use. I definitely wanted another accent of color, but wasn’t sure what color and wasn’t finding anything that was speaking to me. But when I walked into a little “general store” called PW Short in downtown Savannah, my heart practically jumped out of my chest when I saw these. Everything about them was what I needed, and  the fact that this set was $14 for 7 was just the icing on the cake. To tie the green in I added a sprig of eucalyptus on each plate.

When I lit the candles and took pictures I just really fell in love with this whole look and feel. It would be fantastic for a thanksgiving dinner table or even just a fall romantic dinner for two.

Can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with two of my sister and their families. One of my sister I haven’t seen in 6 years and haven’t met one of her kids and she hasn’t met any of mine, so it’s sure to be a happy holiday for me!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? I’d love to hear them!

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