That First Moment

I was recently watching a video put out by “Birth Becomes Her” for Mother’s Day. They were little snips of birth stories. Each scenario was different and unique. Some were home births, some water births, some hospital births, some c-sections.
But despite the differences in each story, there was one common denominator. Each story was about the first moment that woman became that child’s mother. I sat there with tears streaming down my face as I watched their bond that was formed in one split second. That very first magical moment was when their story TRULY began.
And I realized something. I realized that, whether we realize it or not, that moment is what gets us through this journey of motherhood. It’s what makes everything worth it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. That moment, the beginning of it all, anchors us when we feel like we’re drifting in a ocean of tiredness. It is a tether when we’re lost in a sea of unappreciation. It keeps us from going under when it’s raining dirty diapers, sticky hands, and spilled juice boxes. That moment, where you couldn’t possibly love anything more, ever, it changes you. It gives you a strength you didn’t know you had. It gives you courage when you’re facing the hard days, and the confidence to know you are doing your very best. To love someone you’ve never met SO fiercely, in one millisecond…that’s a powerful love, that’s motherhood. And that’s where it all began. The ONE moment.

So on the days when you think you can’t make it through any more tantrums, or messy playrooms, or sibling arguments, I hope you can take a big deep breath, bring yourself back to “That Moment”, and find that fierce love to push yourself through.


I’m so thankful to have had Three of those magical moments that now bless my life with silliness and smiles and love and grace and joy. Even on the days when I feel like I’m failing, those moments give me life!

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